Go-Somewhere Post

Remember how I was talking about that go-nowhere feelings I've had? Well, after watching my friend's blog become more and more successful("Nothing like someone else's success to bring you down," I said to my dad), I decided to do something about the go-nowhere feeling.

I'm going to shape this blog up. I'm going to get it going. You're going to be seeing some high-quality posts from now on.
Sort of.
The thing about blogging is that you can't compensate quantity for quality, or vice-versa. To engage readers, you have to have both those things, and I'm just a kid. Gosh.

I made a list of things I know enough about / have enough interest in to blog about:

-LOTR(adventures in learning Elvish! :D)
-writing(but that's what a blog is ??)

But then I realized how difficult it would be to blog about just one topic. I'm not going to confine the Blergh to a cage like that. I am going to put some focus into these topics, though. Just brainstorming has gotten me pumped and full of ideas.

On another note: soon(I don't know the exact date yet) the Blergh's url will be changing from whythinks.blogspot.com to theblergh.blogspot.com. Whythinks is a good name, but it should be left for someone who actually thinks when they blog.

Remember that friend whose blog is getting popular? I'm going to interview her. Keep an eye out for my next post!

Lots of love and peace to all,

Heather <3

P.S. I'm manning the blog for my dad's construction project. 65deg.blogspot.com It's pretty cool!

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