A Week as a Vegetarian (Part 4: Saturday)

Sat, 4-23-16

It's my half-birthday!!!!!

I suck at sleeping in. Here I am, at 6:35 am on a Saturday, sipping my honey water placidly. (I proceeded to spill it all over myself).

For breakfast, we scrambled some eggs. I was looking for something simple, so I had just the eggs and some apple juice. I have a photo of my Dad's breakfast, with whole wheat toast and tomatoes, which looked very fancy. Whichever way you do it, that's a good breakfast.

I had dance for 2 hours this morning, so I was craving some protein. A sandwich of pure peanut butter on whole grain bread did the trick. Of course, it was a brand new jar of peanut butter, so I had to take the first spoonful and eat it by itself to savor the smooth bliss. And a glass of milk went with that perfectly.

This sandwich appears to be kind of sad,
but I promise you it was a wonderful

Dinner was tacos! Corn tortillas heaping with cheese, peppers, corn, rice, beans, and salsa, and for some extra color if you were feeling a little adventurous, jalapenos. They were delicious. I had three. Tacos, I mean. Not jalapenos. I almost had a fourth but decided to stop while I was ahead, so to speak.

For dessert, I made myself another pretty- and pretty yummy- parfait. I would eat a bucket of that stuff, if I could. And now I'm sitting with my family, drinking my green tea and watching Transporter 3. The guy is Australian. That's pretty cool.

It's been a great week of healthy and vegetarian efforts. My parents and I agree that we're going to do this again. Although it's a lot more work, it's a lot of fun trying new foods and recipes. Plus it feels good to know I didn't eat any animals today.

Good night from me and the family!

After thoughts...
I must have eaten an entire bush of strawberries this past week. Do strawberries grow on bushes? Maybe a vine, then. A vine of strawberries?
I felt pretty good this whole week. The first two days, I felt kind of like- "I want to cram my face with Peeps". But as the week progressed, I just didn't have junk food cravings anymore. It was pretty cool. Then again, maybe that was because I was eating a lot of Cheez-its. Which aren't junk food, they're nutrients. For the spirit.

I had never been particularly interested in cooking up until now. Making food was always tedious and frustrating to me. Although I have to thank my wonderful parents for doing practically all of the cooking this week(before you tell me I'm a bad child- I had a lot of homework!), I was definitely more interested. I guess it was that I was excited about eating vegetarian, plus I had looked at food blogs with pretty pictures all week, which got me inspired.
My family and I have always eaten good, healthy food, but we were thinking more actively about it this week.
It's been good. Definitely doing this again!

-Heather :)


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