A Week as a Vegetarian (Part 3: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Wednesday, 4-20-16

Today's the busiest day of the week, and it didn't help that I slept in fifteen minutes later than normal. I needed something substantial to get me up and going, so I followed honey water with cheesy scrambled eggs and a fresh glass of orange juice.

Lunch was leftover veggie biryani- just as good as it was last night- as well as strawberries.

After school, I munched on some pretzels(not exactly low-carb, but still a good snack!) and a granola bar. Piano lessons was next, and then a casual dinner of leftover panzanella because I had a dance photoshoot in forty five minutes. (This sounds so fancy but it's basically picture day, like at school) .
Three hours later, I'm finally relaxing with my green tea and my family and some Hogan's Heroes(no Pierce Brosnan this time)! Earthquake, who is not participating in the vegetarian week, is being a bouncy sweetheart. Good night!

Update: I was super-hungry so I had some applesauce for a nice, healthy late night snack.

Thursday, 4-21-16

For breakfast this morning(after honey water, of course) I had a smoothie like the one I had before, on Tuesday. Smoothies are such a good way to eat a lot of fruit while making it taste really, really good. Plus, they're fast!

For lunch, I had more of the veggie biryani- yum! I also munched on a granola bar for dessert.
When I got back from school, I ate some Cheezits. I guess I just can't go without them. Those things are darn good. But I did have applesauce too, which is a good healthy snack.

Dinner was super awesome. It was a Moroccan bean stew with raisins and onions and sweet spices, although a lot of the sweetness came from the raisins and the onions. In addition, we had a salad of peas with cider dressing. The original recipe was from the Food & Wine magazine, but we made some changes to it because some of the ingredients were accessible. It was sososo good and refreshing!

Right now I'm settled down with my green tea and Some Like It Hot. I'm tempted to grab a late night snack, but I think my tea will be a good dessert.

Friday, 4-22-16

Honey water bright and early, then oatmeal with sliced strawberries and a dusting of cinnamon sugar- hey, it's Friday!

Sundown tonight marks the start of Passover, but since you kind of need meat for Passover, we're celebrating it Sunday.

During art at school, we had a tea party. This is because we had been studying basic clay work and made mugs a while back. I was a little wary to drink out of mine because I wasn't sure the glaze(sealing paint) in mine was covering the full surface area, but it was all good. The tea was a green tea, but it had raspberry in it too, I think. It was delicious!

Lunch was an egg salad sandwich. I love egg salad so much, I can't even describe the love. I also had some applesauce, a granola bar, and a little Babybell cheese. Evidently you can still eat well as a vegetarian.

Normally on Fridays I make myself a heaping banana split to congratulate myself on making it through the week. Today, since I'm practicing healthy eating, I had a parfait, which was not only delish but also very aesthetically pleasing. I also had some Cheez-its. It's Friday.

For dinner, we had a change of plans- my parents were invited to dinner by a client. I stayed home and dined on leftovers of the Moroccan bean stew from last night. I also relaxed with some fruit juice. Refreshed, I spent the next two hours doing yoga and dancing(mostly trying to dance like in Flashdance) to really loud music.

I just finished up a green tea and a Hershey kiss and I'm watching Rush Hour with my family.

Just a thought- yoga really is helpful for stress. I'm not really experienced with it, but I go along with videos from the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene. I can start out with all sorts of unimportant stuff on my mind, but while I'm doing yoga, everything kind of fades away. I know it sounds cliché, but it's relaxing. It's nice.

I feel pretty good. I hope y'all do, too.

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