A Week as a Vegetarian (Part 2: Monday and Tuesday)

Mon, 4-18-16

Honey water, bright and early, then a bowl of yogurt, granola, and strawberries, as well as orange juice. Always good to start the day off colorful.

Lunch was almond butter and jelly on whole wheat bread, and strawberries. A little round of one of those Babybell cheeses, the kind with the wax around them.

When I got home, I admit that I had some Cheezits. Just a few! I immediately counteracted them with a big glass of water, a carrot, and a chunk of dark chocolate(it's HEALTHY!).

Dinner was really fun. My mom and I made a spring vegetable panzanella, whose recipe we got from the April 2016 Food & Wine magazine. The second course, so to speak, was a black bean soup-the family recipe. We broke the vegetarianism with this, as it was made with chicken broth.

They were both absolutely delicious, and so much fun! We all agreed that either one could have been a meal on its own, but I'm glad we did both because they were so good!

After dinner and the clean up- my Mom and I have decided that cooking vegetarian is very messy- my school had its art show opening.

First of all, let me tell you- the art show was great. Second of all-there was food. And it looked really good. I managed to stick to fruit for some time, but there were these little dessert cups from Olive Garden. My friend was having one, and all it took was a little encouragement before I dug in. It was creamy and it was sponge cake but there were definitely berries in it so it was healthy, right?
Resisting temptation was harder today than yesterday, but I still feel pretty satisfied. It's been a good day, and I'm currently drinking a green tea and watching Tomorrow Never Dies as I write this. It's nice.

Tuesday, 4-19-16

For breakfast, I followed the usual hot honey water with and energizing smoothie that was literally just strawberries, a banana, and a little yogurt and milk whirred up. Good stuff.

Lunch was my "cheat" day- at the beginning of the semester, I ordered a grilled chicken cool wrap from Chic Fil A for every Tuesday. It's still very healthy. Even though its main ingredient is meat, there's lots of lettuce and red cabbage in the wrap.

I had been cold all day, so after school I had a small bowl of the black bean soup from yesterday.

Dinner was a one-pot-wonder- and equisite African vegetable byriani. It smelled like Thanksgiving but it tasted like a summer day. Its recipe was from the International Cookbook. It was amazing, with rich texture and a variety of different spices, plus a dollop of yogurt on top to perfect it. I was so tempted to have seconds, but I knew that I was full.

Although I licked the dishing spoon later on.

For dessert, along with a mug of green tea, my parents and I munched on some baked kale(yum!) while watching Remington Steele. (Yesterday I watched Tomorrow Never Dies. Today I'm watching Remington Steele. It's obvious my feelings for Pierce Brosnan.)

I've read on many different websites that, when on a diet, you shouldn't eat for three hours before you go to bed. Sunday and Monday, I managed to keep that up, but today, I made two hours. I don't think it's a big deal. It was worth it for the kale.

And anyways, it's not really a diet. It's more of... a clean-eating week? Maybe just a week of healthy eating. I can't seem to think of a name that suits it justly.

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