A Week as a Vegetarian (Part 1: Sunday)

Just some thoughts...
This is not a diet as much as it is an effort to eat vegetarian and healthy.
Each post is going to be very picture-heavy, so I'm breaking it up into four parts.

Sunday, 4-17-16
Started off the morning with a hot mug of honey water, because according to the internet, that stuff is good for you. Breakfast was an omelet with basil and parsley, which was absolutely delicious, along with fresh-squeezed orange juice. I'm so excited for this week of clean eating! I've been drinking glass of water after glass of water but I'm starting to feel like some solid food... it's only 11!

My mom and I went to the local produce market to pick up all the veggies we needed for the week. We ended up with so much that the shop gave us a big box to carry all of it in. I felt so cool carrying a huge box of all sorts of healthy things to the car, haha. Lunch was salad which, for being a collection of leaves and seeds and such, tasted pretty good! Big glass of water to go with that, and a bite of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate's healthy, right? I found myself wanting more but clung to my willpower.

Dinner was delicious! Corn on the cob, crispy rice, and stuffed zucchini. Crispy rice, which was found in a Food & Wine magazine, was a big cake of rice, crisped brown on the top, and flavored with lemon and mint. It was so tangy and refreshing! The stuffed zucchini contained some of the same rice, as well as diced mushrooms, carrots, onions, garlic, and corn. It was sautéed in olive oil and also contained oregano, salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese. Who says vegetarian can't be satisfying? Today's dinner was awesome and I'm hoping there's leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I'm currently sitting with a mug of green tea and winding down for the night. I talked to my sister today, and she says that eating vegetarian makes her grumpy. I wonder if that will happen to us this week.
Just remembered something else- the topic of pound cake with macerated strawberries was brought up. Did not give in. Can't stop thinking about pound cake. I'm not hungry, though. I feel great. Knock on wood.

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