"im naming this folder at 3 55 am"

Good morning everyone. Six minutes ago I made a new folder in my Writing folder called "I'm naming this folder at 3 55 am". I put all my fanfiction in it.

Happy Easter!!!

Idk why I'm awake because I was actually really tired when I went to sleep. But I woke up maybe two hours ago??? Maybe more? And it's really hot in my house but because I'm irresponsible I don't know how to change the thermostat but anyways I can't sleep or maybe it's because of the two Cokes and seven pieces of cake I had today but idk I feel all buzzy and awake but not buzzy and awake enough to do stuff and where is this sentence going

ANYWHO I'm going to write!!!
Because I've always wanted to post writing on here but never actually felt motivated to do it. But it's 4:05 in the morning! And I feel motivated!!

As a warm up, I'm going to post something I wrote when I was feeling ~*edgy*~ at school at the beginning of February. It's two thingies and they're based off Muse songs, and I'm just gonna put some author's notes in them in bold.

She was the perfect girl.
Not just perfect for him, but perfect for everyone. That's why he had to hold on to her, to make sure nobody else could see how perfect she was.
She listened to his gripes and his problems and she consoled him. She told him all the good things about himself, comforting him, letting him know she was there.
He was a troubled man, that much was true. There was too much screaming in his head, too many twitches in his fingers, and more than enough anxiety coursing through his veins- but it all stopped when he was with her. Everything else about life except her faded away, only vague memories and blurred facesmy name's blurryface and i should be going to sleep that gnawed at the outer edges of his mind.
She was so innocent, he reflected. Someone that knew nothing of the world, the way life pummeled itself down on him until his skin was raw and then swept him aside, nothing. She had never known what it was like to hate waking up in the morning.WOW SO EDGY
She had never known what it was like to hate.
She was the perfect girl, he thought sharply. He hated her. His fist went through her screen.plot twIST


For my next act, I will use a plot generator and write something based off the first thing it generates.

"A cop buys a spider. Events are started by redundancy."
what does this mean
"Listen, Charles. It's not that I don't support your little... hobby. But this is the fifth time. This is the fifth time in two months. The fifth time in two months that your efforts to incorporate arachnids into this field of work has gone awry."

Charles knitted his fingers together in his lap, not looking the Chief in the eyes. He focused instead on the cage- quite a comfortable cage, really, as far as cages go- that sat on the Chief's desk. More specifically, he focused on the hairy tarantula stretching his legs through the bars, wriggling in the manner that spiders do- really, Charles couldn't see why a spider wouldn't have a place on the police force. Especially not a spider like this one. This one was real specimen of specimens, intelligent, sharp-witted, venomous, probably with a lot more brain power than most of the guys on the force. This spider wasn't like the others.

It started in January with Charles's "new year, new me" decision. As it turns out, the "new me" meant an infatuation with all things arachnid. Suddenly Charles had realized the importance of spiders to the world, and that meant their skills ought to be used for the greater good. Thus came the purchase of Spider #1, later nicknamed Jeremy, whom he purchased from the local spider deal in what could only be described as a shady deal, but Charles was a policeman so it was okay. What wasn't okay was when Spider #1/Jeremy induced a coma onto a perpetrator in a fit of rage. After that, the Chief had insisted that Spider #1/Jeremy be released into the wild. But everyone knows that you can't release animals into habitats they're not native in.
Say it with me!

Okay I'm gonna go to sleep now

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