Another Blog!!!

There is a new blog which has come to my attention and I think I shall give the blogger a shout out. Here is your shout out.

I'll probably be interviewing the blogger soon, so stay tuned for more Happy Days.

Check out her blog here. There is, as of right now, only one post, but it shows a lot of promise.

Today I promised a dear friend of mine that I would post on The Blergh tonight, which is another reason why I'm posting. She read some of The Blergh during class today(when we were supposed to be working) and I tell you, the feeling you get when someone laughs at something you've written has to be one of the greatest feelings ever.

ALSO ALSO ALSO APPARENTLY someone found The Blergh by googling the lyrics to the song "So Begins Our Alabee" by Of Montreal, which are featured in the title of a recent post of mine. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? The Blergh shows up on search engines! When people search things! This is very exciting!

I got a new Captain America shirt. I'm happy.

Lots of love,
-Heather <3

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