I Can't Hear You

Are ya ready kids?

Aye aye, captain.

I can't hear you!

Aye aye, captain!

It always seems to happen- at concerts, conventions, shows, and all things in which a crowd of people gather before people who are talking to them. The person at the center of attention says one of the following:

"Good morning."
"Good afternoon."
"How are we today?"
"Are you ready to ROCK?"

or something along the lines, and the audience is expected to respond.

But we are never good for these show-business type people, are we? They wanna get a "hell yeah", but our "hell yeah"s don't seem convincing enough. So they say something like,

"That wasn't very good."
"I can't hear you."
"I don't think you are."

Wasn't very good? You are rather perturbed. You thought it was a plenty good shout of response. Your ears are practically burning from the screams of the throng around you. But what can you do? It's clear that this center-of-attention-person is not going to make their point until you say "good morning" to them loud enough.

The crowd, at this point, has yelled their lungs to the fullest capacity. Is this center-of-attention-person pleased yet?

Maybe they are. But maybe, they egg on their audience, the elfin grin on their face sickly sweet.

"One more time." The words drop like heavy weights onto the crowd.

Ears ringing, throats cracking, the audience puts forth all they have left into a blood-curdling scream.

The center-of-attention-person is finally pleased. The show goes on.

Is this some sort of acting trick to get the audience involved? Or is it just the sick game that people in show business use for their own, cruel entertainment?

-Heather <3

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