Six Simple Ways to Spruce up a Room for the Holidays

That's right- I finished NaNoWriMo for the first time ever! It made me feel really powerful. I'm taking a break from working on my NaNoWriMo novel for a little bit, though, because quite frankly I'm exhausted.

It's five days until Christmas, and I'm finally posting this. I had it written more than a week ago, but due to a medley of events- i.e. exams, family festivities, arts, and an ANIME CONVENTION WOOT WOOT, I am finally posting.

It was difficult getting into the holiday spirit this year. Maybe it was the summer-like 80 degree Fahrenheit heat, maybe it was the stress of midterm exams that cause my heart to pound when I thought about them, maybe it was the conflict of not wanting to do anything with anybody but also wanting to start a rock band and paint my hands purple-which happens more often than one would think- but I just couldn't get those excited, happy jitters into my heart.

It was time to decorate. Cue 80's style outfit, bright red nails, and peppermint lip gloss. And selfies.

If you're having the same problem, look no further. Thus I present to you, six simple ways to spruce up a room for the holidays(and consequently get into the holiday spirit):

I put lights on the headboard of my bed last year. It looked so artsy and Pinterest-perfect, but they rattled every time anything in the room moved. Maybe that's a hyperbole. But this year, I chose to sleep peacefully and put the lights somewhere else.
So I put them everywhere else.

A Christmas-oriented decoration that can be functional for collecting delightful treasures. Like chocolate.
This stocking was created by my darling sister,
who is a master crocheter.

DIY Mini Christmas Tree

A wooden rod as its stem, then wrapped with green pipe cleaners. For the base, I filled a bottle cap with sticky putty and clay, and secured the bottom of the rod into that. This works great to hang earrings on! I didn't have a star, but I tied some gold ribbon in a bow at the top. If I get a chance, I will post a DIY because I did take pics as I was making it, but it's pretty easy.

I know, so basic. But nothing makes a room cozy and cheery like a good scented candle. Or, if that's not your thing, just a cute candle. Candles just have an innate characteristic of elegance.

Like moonlight twinkling on snow!. I wanted to douse my room in glitter, but I decided that it might turn out well. Instead, I poured white glitter into an cleaned-out Jarrito's bottle. To add color, I added strands of dried palm frond and a sprig of decorative winter berries to the bottle, along with a duo of jingle bells peeping out of the top. I'll be darned if it isn't charming. 


While you're wrapping presents, save a few bows and ribbons for your room. It adds a festive touch for any holiday!

I don't know what holiday you celebrate and quite frankly I don't care. But I do hope you have a good holiday, whatever it is. And I hope that your heart is filled with happy holiday spirit.

-Heather <3

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