Spooky Gourd Ghost

It may be a little late for a Halloween DIY post, but if I've already waited a year so I might as well post it now. I'm gonna be pretty quick about this, because I want to go eat junk food and watch The Barney Miller show, but if I don't post this now, I never will. It's a pretty self-explanatory craft I found on Pinterest. I have faith in you. There's so much freedom in this, you almost can't go wrong.

Start with a rounded gourd- size doesn't really matter. Paint it entirely white- or, any color- as long as it's acrylic. Let it dry completely. Mine took about a full twenty-four hours.

Once it's dried, you can either paint the face on, or, for more assurance to accuracy, a sharpie. It might be a good idea to sketch the face out in pencil first. The face can go anywhere.

And here you go, a spooky Halloween gourd ghost. They're so cute and easy to make! I definitely reccomend giving it a try, you're sure to be rewarded.


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