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I accidentally inserted a page break and I can't get rid of it, but it looks kind of cool so this post is featuring the Page Break. (Note to self: that's a really cool name for a rock band).

School started a few weeks ago for me, but apparently, most schools around the country don't start until September. Well, it's September now, so the shadow of school is looming over your head. :)))

Last year I posted about jazzed-up schoolbooks and this year I am posting about it again because I'm really psyched about them. Decorating not only pushes you forward in the ongoing struggle for individuality, it also helps you to not lose your stuff which is personally my aim for this year.

Magazine Clippings
The base for this will be a sheet of blank paper, which you can embellish in any way you please. I wrote on it in colored pens. Then I cut out blobs of magazine articles.
I think I got a little carried away with the narwhale... I painted cardstock with watercolors and cut it out in the shape of a whale, then realized a scrap I had was just the right size to be a narwhal horn.
My quote went something along the lines of. "I think, when given the choice between giving a whale a narwhal horn and not giving a whale a narwhal horn, you should always give a whale a narwhal horn."
I laid the base paper out, arranged the magazine clippings, and settled the narhwale on top of it all. The narwhale's little water spout is another magazine clipping, as his eye.
Tape it all up to the cover of a notebook with clear packing tape, and you're set!

For this, your base can be whatever you'd like- I thought that a piece of lined paper looked really pretty. You can embellish it if you like, but I found that it was mostly covered up by the music. The sheet music I used I printed out from Google Images. It's Rachmaninoff's 2nd Concerto, which I'm (trying) to learn on the piano. Cut it into strips, or blobs, or any shape you want, then layer them. I originally planned on make them into neat stripes and dots, but it was easier just to layer them in disarray. It looks pretty cool.
Before I taped it to the cover of the notebook, I sprinkled some gold flakes over top. Gold flakes aren't some expensive, pretentious thing- my brother got them for me for Christmas a few years back, from a craft store. They're sososo cool and added the perfect touch of color to my music-print book. If that isn't your thing, glitter or confetti would be adorable as well.
Psst... fun fact about the 2nd Concerto: It was featured in Muse's song Space Dementia. Also featured in Space Dementia is the sound Matt Bellamy unzipping and zipping his pants. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Splatter Paint
The base for this is black construction paper, although any color would work. I like black because it gives the splatter paint a black-light look.
Some might call it the hard way, some might call it the fun way, but I splatter-painted by squeezing paint into a straw and blowing into the straw. I'm proud to say that I didn't accidentally inhale the paint, although I did get some on my lips but it made me look like a frost giant, so it's all good.
If you're certain you'll end up inhaling and/or eating the paint, the normal way of flicking a paint brush across the paper also works.
The color scheme I chose was very bright, so as to contrast with the black base, but depending on your base a pastel scheme or choosing just one color might work. It's all up to you.
Make sure your splatter-paint is entirely dry before taping over it and taping it to the book.
I couldn't seem to get a photo where the glare from the light hitting the tape didn't reflect and make it looks like some crazy cloud, but we'll just call it "Artsy"
This is the most basic and obvious one. I'm sure you've had this idea already, but I still wanted to share a pic because I think it looks really cute. I used some stickers from a wakeboard shop and brand to look cool even though I don't wakeboard(in my defense, I waterski), and some Captain America:Winter Soldier stickers along the bottom featuring Cap, the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Falcon.
(Off topic, has anyone seen the stuff online about the D23 Civil War trailer because "your pal, your buddy, your bucky"!)

For drawings I put on the front of my binder, I like to use sharpie to make things clean-cut and bubbly.
The "Language" one is for Language Arts, of course.
Texture is also fun. For my LOTR-themed one, I stuck puffy stickers onto the paper before I slid it into the fun little plastic slidy-thing. 
The lighting on these photos are awful-I tried photoshopping the first one to even out the shadows, and it worked for the most part, but you can still see the little spots where I missed and couldn't fix. But it's all good.
Locker Decor
I love these little notepads! I got them from my piano teacher because she's awesome.
The stuff on the back of them is magnetic tape, which I found at my local craft store. I guess I didn't think it through that much, because the magnetic tape held up the sheets of paper on the back of the notepads, but not the rest of the notepads. More on that later.
It's not school without a picture of Baegolas! The magnetic tape actually worked on this.

I'm not sure what's up with my photos- try as I might, they won't face the right way when I upload them, but you can tilt your head to the side if you simply must see them right-side-up.

 I have more locker decor that I have yet to photograph, but I would love to post here. When I get the chance, I'll put out a post about it.

Thank you so much for reading this, image quality and all. I hope you have great school year, or if you're not in school, just a great year in general.

On a personal note, I started reading Homestuck and I can't stop thinking about it. You should read it. It's fun. I keep calling internet things Pesterchum and Sburb.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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