It's July Already- What?!

Remember when I started that DIY calendar, and I was going to post about it every month?

Remember when I said I was really not the best at planning?

I think I can leave it to you to put two and two together.

Obviously due to my summer oblivion, there's not going to be a big Independence Day countdown like there was last year. However I am planning to post some nail art I've been meaning to try- knowing me it will probably turn to one of those hilarious "Pinterest Fails" but it's worth a shot, amirite? If it goes well, I'll post it on here.

I've been working on a big post so if I can, I'll try to post it tomorrow or on the Fourth. No promises because it's summer, and my policy this summer is if I feel like it, I'll do it, and if not, I'll sit around complaining about how I need to do it.

In other news, I've been updating the "About Me" page because I thought it was a little "last year me", so I'm making it a little more "this year me". Does that make sense? Someone please tell me that makes sense.

Just felt like this needed to be said. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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