Knee High Socks

I got a pair. I'm irrationally excited about it. They're black with a panda at the bottom of each and bamboo climbing up the sides.

Currently I am curled up in a chair in my bro's apartment, where I have been for at least an hour. My brother is working with my parents on some furniture setup or something, so I have taken it upon myself to be the unhelpful younger sibling in the situation.

I've been meaning to write a really hearty, well-written post for some time now, but just haven't gotten around to it. However, I've been pestered like crazy for a post, so I figured I should throw something out there.

The only problem is, I don't have too much to talk about. I put zero planning into this. Oops. Do y'all mind if I vent about some fandom emotions? No? Good.

For maybe two hours I've been trying very hard not to cry. Why? Simply put, Steve.
Steve Rogers.
What do I do please help.

He's just so sad and cute. He's like a little puppy with really pretty eyelashes. A sad, stranded puppy with really pretty eyelashes who just needs a hug and maybe some more hugs.

Last night fam and I were out in the city and we passed by a medley of food trucks, one of these being a shawarma truck. Remember the shawarma scene at the end of the Avengers? Of course you do, it was adorable. I remembered it too. This memory triggered the memory of a Tumblr post about Steve falling asleep at the shawarma place after the Battle of New York

And then I imagined Steve Rogers dozing off in my lap in the shawarma place after the Battle of New York.

No exaggeration- I had to jab myself really hard in the stomach with my purse to make my breathing return to the normal level.

So, if you're having a hard day, just sit down, close your eyes and imagine cute lil innocent Steve all tired and comfy after a really violent battle and a good Middle-Eastern meal, trying desperately to keep his beautiful eyelashes open but not succeeding, then presently slumping into your lap.

I'm probably going to delete this post at some point because I'm creeping myself out, but for now, my total of, like, four readers is going to have to suffer through this.

Anywho! Then of course I thought of Tony, and then I had a shipping spasm. In case you didn't know, I ship Stony. I also ship Steggy. I even ship Stucky a little bit. All this combined with the fact that I am totally infatuated with Steve myself makes my head spin. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SHIP PLEASE HELP.

This kind of shipping conflict has happened before. The last time it happened, it was with people dressed as cats singing songs about cats. Jellicle Cats!

So there's this cat. His name is Mr. Mistoffelees. He's a magician cat and he's adorable.
Then there's this other cat, Victoria. She's one of the star dancers and she and Misto definitely have some romance during the show. They dance together and it's beautiful!
But then there's the Rum Rum Tugger, who's a total player. All the girls are after him. It's clear that Misto and Tugger are friends, but it seems like Tugger and Misto is a pretty popular ship and before you know it, I'm shipping it, too.
But Misto and Victoria are so cute...
Many, many fanfictions later I'm still stuck in a tangled, indecisive knot of ships.

I feel a little more justified now.

I need more to talk about, since it's looking like I still have roughly an hour curled in this shockingly comfy chair in my brother's apartment.

Ooh, I just remembered! If you've been emailing me and I haven't been responding, I'm getting your emails, but for some reason my server won't let me respond. Just thought I should throw that out there.

Extremely important breaking news-my mom ships Fitzsimmons!

I feel like I should say something about the historic legalization of same-sex marriage, but what is there to say? Took us long enough. Hurray America!


I'm going to wrap up this train wreck of a post now, because something weird is happening on one of the zillions of group texts I'm in and I want to go irritate everybody.

Thanks for reading, I apologize for nothing, and have a great day!


//sits down
//curls up
//rolls over
//rolls around on floor
//rolls into hole
//cries into hole
I just want to write Stony angst fics

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