Interview With Heather the Blooger

I finally got to interview and be interviewed by one of my very favorite bloggers! Aside from the fact that her blog is awesome, we have the same name! How weird is that?

I definitely recommend checking out her Simple Bloog. Although it's new, it's fantastic!

Heather the Blooger interview:
What inspired you to start blogging?
Your Blergh.

What sort of content can your readers expect?
//hysterical laughter// Basically random crap and, uh, not- yeah- just, like things that I think about. Random-ass thoughts about dolphins and stuff.

Favorite angsty teenager song?
Oh, wow, that's really difficult... okay. Wait, do Fallout Boy songs count?
Like, if they're not teenagers but young adults?
Yeah, like, just angsty.
There's this song called "Just One Yesterday" and it's very angsty.

Can you give us a writing tip?
Yeah! So, when you're writing characters, you should make sure that they're... Dammit, no... Oh yeah, okay. So... //hysterical laughter// I don't know. I'm sorry.

What do you do when you hear an unexplained noise during the witching hour?
I close my eyes and I say, "My people have come for me." And then I float away. On a beam of moonlight.

So far, what has the hardest part of blogging been?
I just- I really- like, I wanna stalk my own blog, so I'll go on my blog and be disappointed there's not a new blog post.

Ice cream of choice?
Chocolate! Or Rocky Road...
In your opinion, what is Taylor Swift's best album so far?
 Whoa... that's a good question. //goat noises// I'm gonna have to go with Speak Now. Or Red. Those are the best choices.
I can't think of a final question. Do us all a favor and pretend that I asked something really deep and interesting.
Wow. That's, that's a... wow. You know, it's... It's hard to think about things like that. You get so caught up in the moment sometimes, like... okay, I- I'm gonna have to say that, um, the Misty Mountains just have goats. They just have goats. And the goats are- they're sheep. And the sheep murder each other in the deep dark sea.

Thank you. Come again soon.

We totally don't know each other in real life.
She's totally not the Heather Who Shall Not Be Named from that one post from 2 in the morning.
 If you want to see her interview with me, it can be found here.

Thank you so much for reading and have an awesome day!

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