I Have Over 1,000 Views!

A very exciting time for me, even if most of the views are mine.

Hey hey hey, it's 1 am here! I'm really not good at staying up late, despite my friend claiming that I display all the symptoms of a night blogger. I would like to display some of the texts I have sent on the group chat between me and my friends at this witching hour.

Heather Who Shall Not Be Named is one of my bestestest friends ever and she came up with that name herself, with her own beneficial reasons.

12:51 am
Me: Sometimes when it's late at night I pretend I'm Steve Rogers and I'm sitting in a shrink's office.

12:53 am
Heather Who Shall Not Be Named: Sometimes I think being a brick and falling into a pile of my brick friends and we all have a good brick giggle

12:54 am
Me: That would be fun

12:54 am
Heather Who Shall Not Be Named: It is

12:56 am
Me: I hope you're prepared for tomorrow I'm going to be weird probably because I'm not really good at staying up late but I didn't do any exercise of any sort today so I'm really bouncy tonight but I'm probably going to hate myself for this tomorrow but I'm already excited about doing energizing things tomorrow morning to stay refreshed like think I'm going to have a smoothie and work out whee this is fun my shoulders feel funny hahah

12:57 am
Heather Who Shall Not Be Named: Hockey hockey puck moose maple syrup

12:59 am
Me: I proceeded to send her a gif of Captain America getting shot that said "Right in the feels" on it. If you want to see Cap's expression or the great booty shot of Thor I'm sure you can Google it with the knowledge I have presented you with. I was going to post it, but I was afraid of getting arrested for, like, unnecessary gif use or something. There's a bug on my bed please send help.
Me: Thanks man, maple leaf moose moose free health care

Guess what? My dad's not asleep either! We're going to have a little insomniac party and I think we might get PopTarts so this is pretty great.

There's a bug on my bed and I think it might be possessed by a demon of the night. Shoutout to my little demon bug, ily even if I panicked and yelled "get off my bed" when I saw you.

Ooh! And I found a recently updated fanfic about the Avengers in elementary school .Yesyesyes

If you want to see more fun, insomniac stuff, check out my Pinterest. I have a board entirely devoted to the stuff I pin between 12 and 6 am.

That reminds me! I need to go get the CreepyPasta ending on Super Filly Adventure. I will get it. I know I will.

Thanks for helping to get this to over 1000 views!

Night night,

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