42 Fun Facts and Tidbits Because I Accidentally Missed the Anniversary of My Own Blog and There Are Strange Drilling Sounds Coming From My Living Room

I thought today was the anniversary of the birth of this Blergh.

I had everything planned out to the nines(I'm not sure if that metaphor fits but this is my blog and, like Loki, I do what I want).
But apparently, the anniversary was three days ago.

What now?
I was going to write a big post of all the things I've learned in one year of blogging. But some of the most prominent ideas in that post were going to be timing and organization. Clearly, I need to work on those a bit more.
So instead, I present to you 42 fun facts and tidbits- give or take a few days- of one year of blogging The Blergh.

1. I really like wild cats. Jellicle Cats(are black and white), Warrior Cats, you name it.

2. That is one rad tomato in my icon. I rock at Microsoft Paint.

3. When in doubt, hot glue everything. Everything.

4. I'm still mourning the loss of various cartoon bunnies named all named after the same anime character.
5. I still can't think of any good puns on the number four. Ideas, anyone?
6. As the Odyssey of the Mind motto goes, anything is duct-tape-able!
7. Anything.

8. This is starting to read like a Buzzfeed article. That's vaguely uncomfortable. I refuse to conform!
9. Despite the whole “four” situation, I have thought of some pretty great Legolas puns. For example, BAEgolas, BAGELas, MANGOlas, and others, most of which I use on a daily basis.
10. If you leave homemade lip gloss in an Altoid bin in a hot car for a few hours, it will rust. But I'm pretty sure it's still okay to put the lip gloss on your lips if you've had your shots.
11. Heart to heart advice from me to you: It doesn't matter what your parents say, if you're taking photos of a craft, use the Macro setting.
12. It's really hard to fit thirteen stripes onto a depiction of the American Flag.

13. I can hear my family talking about me in the kitchen. //shudders//

14. Add more water. I don't care what you're doing.

15. If you're going to make an embarrassing video that you secretly adore of you dancing to an embarrassing song and doing patriotic things, don't put it on the same account you use for school.

16. If you're going to be a hipster, be a nice one that uses proper grammar.

17. When you're at a resort with your friends and Pirates of the Caribbean comes on, it's probably okay to scream a little bit every time Will Turner comes on screen.

18. Sure, you think you're going to join Pinterest for crafty DIYs and adorable recipes. And sure, you'll start out with mason jars and nail art, but what will happen next?
This. This is what will happen next.

19. Everybody says that sugar-high is just your imagination, but I'm convinced that it's real.

20. Packing tape saves the day so often it could be an Avenger.

21. I really like making up characters. I could probably just sit and make up various characters and their quirks and flaws and skills all day and end up laughing on the floor.

22. It's really quite an excellent idea to pretend you're “having tech problems” and you “have to put your photography club pictures on your blog, you know while you're here let's look at the whole blog please like and comment on all my posts”. It works pretty well.

23. If you use macro, photos of dogs can be played off as photography. Just use macro.

24. It's easy to hide My Little Pony references in almost anything.

25. Blogging with your friends around is scary, especially when they think you're writing Legolas fanfiction. Especially when you actually are writing Legolas fanfiction and telling your friends you're blogging.

26. Counting Stars is
not by Dionne Bromfield.

27. NaNoWriMo is hard. It makes people hate each other. It's great and I love it. Enough said.

28. Photoshop is a great way to make things look like you're a tidy person.

29. Where I live, 75 degrees Farenheit is considered cold.

30. Miniature jars will brighten up your day, I guarantee it.

31. I have a reader from the Ukraine. Dear reader from the Ukraine: You make me really happy. Thank you so much for reading because it's gives me so much confidence when I see there's someone from a different country reading! Love, Heather

32. Showing your math class a gif of Dean Winchester dancing to a really catchy song is an a-okay way to escape priorities.

33. Thranduil is always lurking on his moose.

34. I'm a massive hypocrite.

35. Is there a dog in the house? Is he/she lying down? If so, go put a blanket on him/her. It's a most gratifying experience.

36. Sometimes, you just can't tell whether something printed in grayscale or in color.

37. I have a secret to tell you. Remember that post about Legolas being a dog in my dream. Well, there was a lot more cuddling in my dream than I admitted to in the post. Shh.

38. Lions are very hard to draw.

39. Cheap, homemade cosplay is the best kind.

40. I really like DC, but I have to side with Marvel in most situations. You know why.

41. It's really difficult to get the Creepypasta ending on Super Filly Adventure, but I'm determined to find it.

42. I have no idea how to pronounce Buchanan. As in, 15 President of the United States James Buchanan. Or, as in Steve Rogers's best friend James Buchanan Barnes. BUCKYYYYY //Star Spangled Banner plays in background as tears run down my face//

UPDATE: Yesterday my sister told me how to pronounce Buchanan, but I already forgot. Sorry sis.
Also I am in love with the band The Zombies. Go listen to their song “She's Coming Home”. It's so gorgeous and snazzy.

Pretty soon I'm going to have 1,000 views! Most of them are mine, probably, but I still think it's a cause of celebration as worthy as Thor. Not sure what kind of celebration, but something fun and ridiculous, I presume.
Thank you all for sticking with my blog for over a year. I love y'all! Have a great day!
-Heather ♥

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