Legolas is a Dog: The Tale of a Dream

"Did I tell you about my Legolas dream last night? It was so realistic when I woke up I was just like-'blergh'."

"Oh no."

"Well, Legolas turned into my dog, but other than that, it was pretty realistic."

"Wha-okay, that's not really realistic."

-a transcription of a conversation between me and my friend at our school's Valentine's Dance last night

The same friend asked me to post the dream to the blog so she could read it. It was a really vibrant dream, one of those where you remember every little detail really strongly but you're not sure if you made up everything afterwards or if that was how it actually was in your dream.

I keep a dream journal in the top drawer on my bedside table, so I wrote everything down once I had recovered from the shock and daze of waking up. Everything here is almost word for word from my dream journal, except I may add in a note or two, and I gave people obscure nicknames. Also I took out any part that may be held against me later.

I just woke up from the most realistic Legolas dream. Well, it seemed realistic at the time, but now that I think about it...

Anywho, Legolas was injured in battle. I think he was getting surgery, and we were all in the room waiting for him although he was sleeping right next to us. A bunch of random people from school were there but I especially remember Zumba because we were decorating a school hoodie for hi. I think at one point it said "Get Well Soon," but it  changed to, "Don't Go Wasting Your Emotions." I remember this because as Legolas was waking up from his surgery, Zumba and I were desperately trying to finish the hoodie. I tried to paint the "D" in the beginning in the way she had done all her artistic letters. A/N:I had Lay All Your Love on Me stuck in my head when I woke up. Listen to it. Now.

We got Legolas home and my dad picked him up. He was in this big dark green bag, a material kind of like felt, but coarser.

I recently redid my room, and it's much different from my old room. But in the dream, my room was set out like my old room, except the beds were different designA/N: I had a princess trundle along the back wall, and another princess(it was a racecar bed, your argument is irrelevant) sticking out from the near wall to the right when you walk in. Next to the bed where my car bed had been, there was a bedside table with shelves and lots of perfumes in the shelves.

Legolas was put in that bed, and I knelt beside him. He was really attractive like extremely

My friend Chiffon was next to me, and I started fiddling around the perfumes. I opened one next to a Taylor Swift one. I didn't smell anything, but a lot of little beads fell out.

Chiffon said, "Quick, she's coming!" I picked up a few of the beads and put them back as my mom, my dad, and the rest of Chiffon's family came to the door of the room. They smiled at me, and they smiled at Legolas, asleep in the bed, and then Chiffon's older sister Snow walked in and lay down on the trundle bed on the opposite wall, listening to her silver iPod.

Chiffon left, and then Legolas got out of bed, but it wasn't him, it was my dog, Earthquake. I remember saying something along the lines of, "Oh no, baby, let's get back in," as I helped him back into the bed because apparently quilts are slippery. A/N: Earthquake's been acting really weird around me ever since I told him he was Legolas in my dream.

Snow left the room, so it was just me and Legolas. The hoodie was hanging by the bed. He had the covers pulled up so high that I wasn't even sure it was him, but I wanted to stay near and make sure he was okay.

I spent most of the day avoiding Snow in case she found out about the perfume spill. Legolas was often Earthquake. My mom, my sister and my brother got really sick of telling me where "Earthquake" had gone with my dad, and I kept on forgetting where it was. I think it might have been Home Depot. Once Legolas was some girl that stared out the back door. Once he was a pair of legs. It was really weird.

Thus concludes my dream. It was actually quite a nice dream. I kept trying to fall back asleep afterwards and relive where Legolas was so attractive it all.

How I got the nicknames(in case you're wondering if this was you):
Zumba- your mom taught Zumba to us in third grade
Chiffon- you like fashion
Snow- because your name sounds like ice at the end.

Shout out to Grande Cappucino for requesting this!


  1. This was quite funny. I enjoyed it. Quite.
    -I know you. but do you know me...?

  2. Are you Spiderwoman?
    Oh my goodness please say you're Spiderwoman.


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