DIY Calendar: February

It's a little over a week until February, so I thought I should show y'all the February portion of my calendar.

It turned out I didn't have cardstock the right size to fit into my printer, so I went with using normal paper again. I took the bottom page out, the one with the calendar chart, and flipped it over so that my February image would print on the other side. Then on a new sheet of paper I printed the calendar chart for February. Don't forget- February only has 28 days this year!

The photo I chose was kind of dark, with not a lot of bright coloring, so I embellished the edges with a lot of color and tried to give it a very cheery, crafty sort of look. Some of the holidays in February are Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, and, if you live in America, President's day, so I tried to include all of them in my decoration somehow.

Now all that's left to do is hole-punch the new page and secure everything back together. I noticed that the pages for my January calendar were getting a little ragged where the holes were, so for February I put two long strips of tape, one on each side, across the top where I was going to hole punch. Then, I punched the holes through. Tape doesn't run, so the calendar will be sturdier.

February's an exciting and busy month for me, so I'll either post a whole bunch or very little. Speaking of which, does anyone know of any Maze Runner-themed crafts or DIYs? My friend's birthday is coming up. :)

Anywho, thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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