Don't Eat Surf Wax

So I meant to post on Christmas Day, but then I didn't because it was Christmas. I hope you all had really happy holidays and are having a wonderful winter!


 It has come to my attention that I may concern people with my title. Firstly, apparently people don't know what surf wax is. It's the wax you put on surfboards so you don't slip when you're paddling out or riding a wave. It smells really good. I mean, really, really good.

And there's this lip balm my orthodontist gave me to put life back into my lips after ever drop of water was sucked out of them when I got my braces on. This lip balm smells exactly like surf wax, and it tastes delicious(Dear children, lip balm should never be eaten in large amounts, even if it tastes like summer and sparkles and sunshine.)

Anywho, I was at the beach with my family the other day and as we were leaving I noticed the block of surf wax. Its delightful smell lured me to it, and, in a moment of pure ecstasy, I remembered that my lip balm smelled the same. So I rubbed the wax on my finger and brought my finger to my lips. It was much harder and thicker than the lip balm, which was to be expected since it was not lip balm. After licking my lips, I found that it also did not taste anything like the glorious lip balm. It tasted like metal, salt, and feet, which mostly makes sense, I suppose.


It's strange to think that tomorrow, it will be 2015. 2014 was an amazing year, filled with things like:
•Orlando Bloom punching Justin Bieber
•the Battle of Five Armies movie
•Cimorelli's Renegade EP
•The creation of this blog(I'm not sorry)
•A lot of other important things probably

For me, 2014 was the year I published a book, started a blog, fell in love with a bunch of different kinds of music, and met some of my best friends in the whole world. It was a year of new and learning new things. It was a good year. A great year. An absolutely fantastic year.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? I'd like to share a tip for sticking to your resolutions- make them more positive. It's easier to feel motivated about something if it makes you feel good when you think about it. My resolution is to talk less, because I tend to interfere or ramble on and on, and I can tell it irritates people around me. But talking less sounds so... negative. Instead, I'll shut up more often. Maybe this sounds a little pessimistic still, but switching from decrease to increase makes things feel optimistic.

Here are my New Years resolutions:
Shut up more often
Write a real, honest-to-goodness novel
Spend more time outside
Eat healthier
Improve my left leg flexibility

I finally edited the comment settings so anyone can comment, not just people with an account on Google. So, I would love to know what your New Years resolutions are. Feel free to comment below and let me know!

I'm going to a New Year's Eve/New Year's party tonight where everyone stays up and watches the NYC ball drop on TV. I'm super excited. What are y'all's plans? Comment to let me know. :)

Thanks for sticking with me for over half a year- and happy New Year! ♥♥♥

UPDATE: I just followed Amy and Dani Cimorelli on Pinterest and now my goal is to get them to follow me back.


  1. Have they followed you back yet?
    -That same human from earlier. I'll give you a hint; I'm female.

  2. No... I think I know who you are, but I wouldn't want to ruin your cover in case you're secretly a superhero.


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