Make Your School Notebooks Fabulous!

I should have posted this last week, because I think most people, at least in my country, have already started school. But it's never too late for decorating!

Anyways, this school year, I personalized my notebooks and binders and I can honestly say that they've attracted a lot of positive attention. They aren't perfect, but they're cute, and they may be just what you need to start school with a bang.

Any kind of notebook or binder will work, so choose your notebooks based on how you like to use them rather than what they look like.

There are lots of different ways to decorate, so we'll start simple then work our way up.

This is possibly the simplest way to decorate. It's also absolutely adorable. Using a word, powerpoint, or paint program, paste pictures of anything you want and arrange them appealingly, then print them. They can be photographs of you, your family, and friends, your favorite bands, that one book character you have a crush on, anything.

Colorful Quote.
This is very nice because you can give it just the right mood you want by selecting your own color scheme. In pencil, write out whatever quote you want, in whatever size you want, on a piece of paper. Plain white paper is probably the best choice for this, but if you want it to be very colorful, go for it. Then, either decorate it with color or make it stark by simply going over it in thin Sharpie. When decorating quotes, simplicity is often the best way to go- A few colors and easy patterns to spice things up, while still making the meaning of the quote the main attraction.

Magazine Clippings.
This makes for a very beautiful design. Find a magazine and cut out whatever you want from it, from shapes to words. You can even combine the Colorful Quote and this by cutting an inspiring quote out from a magazine. Paste your clippings onto a piece of colored paper.

Varied Materials.
For this, anything goes. I decorated two notebooks using this method, with anything from part of a ripped t-shirt to bumper stickers to these really cool gold flakes my brother got me for Christmas(thanks, bro!♥). Use whatever you so desire to give it a mismatched look. With this, a busy background helps show off all the little additions.

I'm afraid I don't have pictures of any of my notebooks and binders because they all have my full name and a lot of them have me and my family's faces on them. Like I said, I'm insecure.

Anywho, always make sure to label your notebooks and binders with your name and their purpose. I know I sound like a teacher, but it really is important. It makes it a little more personal and shows that you decorated these awesome books yourself.

To laminate them onto your books, packaging tape works quite well. Just lay your decorations on the cover of the book, and lay the tape in flat strips across the decorated cover, wrapping the ends of the tape around the side. Not that difficult, right?

So I hope you all have a good time decorating your stuff and a good time at school and stuff. You should really comment, it would make me very happy.

Thanks and have a good day!




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