4 Crafts 4 Independence Day- Day 4: Red, White, and Blue Pretzels

Hey! Welcome to Day 4 of the crafty thingy. I hope y'all had a good American Independence Day, or if you're not American, just a good day in general.

For the fourth day, I made some dipped pretzels.

There are three different kinds: Lightly glazed, sugar, and chocolate. The lightly glazed ones were an accident, but they still turned out pretty yummy.

For the lightly glazed kind, you're going to want to put about a quarter cup of powdered sugar and a little less than half that amount of water into a bowl, and then stir until the sugar has dissolved. If it's really wet, add more powdered sugar. If it's really dry, add more water.
I accidentally made the lightly glazed by
adding equal amounts water and powdered
sugar. Don't do this unless you're making
sugar water.

Dip the pretzels into this and set them on a plate. I recommend wrapping the plate in aluminum foil, as this will keep the pretzels from sticking. Then add sprinkles if you wish. For me, the sprinkles were what made it so patriotic.

Some of these are lightly glazed, and
others are sugar-frosted.

For the sugar pretzels, add about another quarter cup of powdered sugar and stir. Again, if it's too wet, add more sugar, and if it's too dry, add more water. Be careful to add water in tiny increments. Dip the pretzels and sprinkle. These are very cute because they frame the colorful sprinkles with the white frosting.

For the chocolate, pour a third of a cup of chocolate chips into a microwavable bowl. You might also want to stir in a tiny bit of shortening.

A little extra couldn't hurt.

Microwave the chocolate chips for around 25 seconds, then stir. They probably won't be melted yet, so microwave them for 10 more seconds and stir. If still not melted, keep going in 10-second increments, then stirring, until everything is melted.

Now you can dip and sprinkle these pretzels.

Once all the pretzels are dipped and sprinkled, let them sit out for a while. The chocolate ones dry the fastest, and the sugar ones the longest, but they're tasty whether they're dry or not.

Om nom nom.
The four crafts were all put to good use on the 4th of July!

*I'm not entirely sure I spelled pretzel correctly. 



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    1. Haha this post is so old it kinda makes me cringe :P But yeah, they're pretty darn good pretzels!


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