4 Crafts 4 Independence Day - Day 2: Patriotic Rose Hairbow

For my second day of the Independence Day craft thing-a-ma-jig(my vocabulary is so mature), I made a hair bow!

It's pretty easy and super quick. Seriously, it took me about ten minutes. You're going to need felt in at least two different colors, a decorative flower or other charm, scissors, a hair clip, and one or two twist ties.
In these instructions, I'm going to be using the patriotic colors, but you can substitute them for whatever colors you want.

First, cut a rectangle of the blue felt, and a smaller rectangle of the red felt. They can be as large or as small as you want the bow to be, but the red felt should always be smaller than the blue. The great thing is that it's okay if the pieces aren't cut even. It will still look fine.
Place the red piece on top of the blue piece like so:

And cut a small slit in the center of both of them so that it lines up.

 Cut a second slit right beside the first one, but this time, only cut it into the blue felt.

Now, insert the stem of your flower or other charm through the center hole. If your charm doesn't have a stem or something else you can hang attach it with, tie one of your twist ties around it and use that. That was explained very poorly, sorry.
Your flower will now look like this.

 Now, push the stem/attachy-thingy through the other hole. If there's enough of the stem/attachy-thingy left over, tie it off around the base of the charm. If not, knot it so it doesn't come out.

 Take the other twist tie. Wrap it around the center of the bow at least one and a half times, then knot it so it doesn't come undone.

The hairclip can now be inserted in the back, between the twist tie and the felt.

If you're feeling a little more funky, cutting the tips into a fringe will give the bow a little extra pizazz.


Ta-da again!

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