Of Piñatas, Shovels, and Bunnies

So I was playing this video game with my friend and my brother. It's called Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. Yes, it's probably for little kids. Too bad, I'm also a little kid. If you haven't heard of it, look it up.

Have you looked it up?


Good. Let's get going.

Anyway, on this video game, we had a bunny. I named it Momiji, after a beloved character from Fruits Basket. I would tell you why I named a bunny after him, but I'm not allowed to tell others about the Sohma family curse. Besides, I'm way too lazy. You go look it up.

Okay, so Momiji was a bunny. Then, Momiji came down with an evil glitch disease. No matter how many times we paid $300(cartoon) dollars for the (cartoon)doctor, he would get sick again approximately 5 seconds later.
That was when my brother decided he was too much of a burden.

He clicked the button and pulled out the cartoon shovel.

You know what happened next.

Furious at my brother's actions and my friend's immediate cheering, I seized the controller and quickly named another of our bunnies Momiji-kun. Hopefully, this would go better.

EDIT: A fox ate Momiji-kun. Dangit.


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