Jar of Stuff

My friend's birthday party is soon, and I found something absolutely adorable on Pinterest(no, I don't have an account, but I do lurk there).

I found a cute mason jar and put a layer of tissue paper on the inside surface area. 

I filled it with all the essentials- lip gloss, nail polish, gummy bears, and an iTunes gift card in the holder shown in the previous post. *When putting heavy or breakable things in, make sure to surround it with some sort of packaging.

Tying a cute ribbon around the center is always a nice touch.

If something is too big to fit in the jar, you can secure it on top, like I did with this chocolate.
To jazz it up a little bit, some rhinestones never hurt.


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  1. Lol but now you DO have a Pinterest...wait but how do I know that? That's the wrong question. Then the right question would be...who am I? Wait...but IS that the right question? How can you be sure of anything? ...-_-


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