I Duct Taped Something

I know the duct tape fad is kind of going out, but I've just started getting into it. So, for those of you who are still clinging dutifully to your rolls of craft duct tape, here's a little something.

I'm not going to tell exactly how to make it, because I can't remember, but I'll try to give some vague directions.

Make something similar to a little, rectangular bag with an open top. You might want to use an actual business card to get the sizing right. One of the long sides should be taller than the other; this will be the back of your holder. I made two sections in my bag- one for business cards and one for memory cards. You can make however many you like.

Now comes the hard part- getting it to stand up. Make two strips of duct tape. The strips should be the same size, and pretty long. Put them together so the ends don't match up, and there's a little bit of the sticky side hanging off each end. Stick one of the ends towards the top of the back, and the other on the very bottom. The strip will make a semicircle that allows the holder to stand up.

 Now, for a little more balance, cut two small strips, stick them together so there's a little bit of the sticky side hanging off one end. Stick the sticky part onto the bottom of the holder, so the rest of the strip is poking out the front. This will keep the holder from falling over in the front.
 It's that little part sticking out at the bottom.
Now all that's left to do is add the business cards, and voila!

 I'm so good at giving directions wow


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  1. You're so good at giving directions wow


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