Duct Tape Gift Card Holder

Gift cards always come in those cute little holders made of paper or on that fancy cardstock that says how much money they are. Well, if you're me and you always end up screwing up the holders or the cardstock before you give the gift card to the person, then look no further!

Because I forgot to take pictures of this while I was making it(again), I'll give the steps and the occasional photo towards the end, when I remembered.

1. First, make a sheet of duct tape. It should be about five strips in width, and a little over twice the length of the gift card. Now fold it in half widthwise/landscape/hamburger style, so there's no sticky on either side. The edges might have parts of the sticky side sticking out; just fold them over.

2. For the next step, you'll want to place the gift card in the center of your sheet. Then, fold one side down so it covers up only a little bit of the gift card. Do this with all four sides, each flap covering up only enough to hold the gift card in. This means there will be a little bit of room for the card to slide around, but don't worry, that's important. Now pull four tiny bits of you duct tape and use them to attach the flaps to each other. 
You can see the places where I taped the flaps together, because
the pattern doesn't completely match up there.
The back of the holder.
Without the gift card.

3. Now that you realize that there's no way to get the gift card back out, cut open one of the wide sides. Cut it almost all the way to the edge.

Now you can slide the gift card in and out easily.

4. Finally, to keep it closed, tie a ribbon around the flap. You can also add a label, saying who it's from and how much money's on it, if you want to. If you're using duct tape for it, I'd suggest using a solid color tape and a sharpie. I'm sure there are lots of other methods, too, that you can think of.

[ALTERNATIVE METHOD: When taping the flaps together in Step 2, only tape three of the sides. Leave the other one open. This will serve as your flap to get the card in and out, and will also allow you to skip Step 3.]

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