I feel the need to point out and explain my favicon.
The 'favicon',, or as I proudly call it, the "little icon thingy" is the small icon in the top left corner of your screen, on the tab.
My favicon, for some reason, isn't showing up at the moment. I hope it will soon because I'm very proud of it.  It is this:
I had no idea what to put as my icon and was too lazy to use one of those fancy shmancy icon maker thingies, so I drew blobby designs. It needed something more, though. Some personalization(this is a word, despite what spell check thinks).
I was, as usual, complaining to my family about how I couldn't think of anything to put, when my brother walked by. He picked up a tomato that was sitting in the fruit bowl, looked at it, set it back in the fruit bowl, and told me to do a tomato.
That's why I have a poorly drawn tomato in my favicon.

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